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road-work4th Avenue North Project

The road construction project in Downtown Foley includes:

  • Street reconstruction of 4th Avenue North from Stony Brook Creek to Main Street
  • Replacing the water mains
  • Replacing sanitary sewer mains
  • Replacing sewer and water services from the mains in the street to approx. 5′-8′ from the building faces
  • Replacing and extending the storm sewer system
  • Replacing the sidewalks throughout
  • Adding decorative street lighting


The schedule below is preliminary and weather dependent:
Jul 11 – Jul 15: Construction Starts with Removals
Jul 18 – Jul 22: Temporary Water System
Jul 25 – Jul 28: Sanitary Sewer
Jul 29 – Aug 03: Water Main
Aug 04 – Aug 12: Sewer and Water Services
Mid-August: Storm Sewer
Aug – Early Sep: Street Grading
Early September: Curb and Gutter
Mid September: Street Lighting
Mid September: Sidewalks
Late September: 1st lift of Bituminous Paving
Late September: Striping
Sept 30, 2016: Substantial Completion
June 2017: 2nd lift of Bituminous
June 30, 2017: Final Completion

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