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Council Chambers
City of Foley – City Hall
Call: 320-968-7260
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Biz to Biz – Foley Business Networking Chapter
Biz to Biz Network is a member promoting organization that is dedicated to the success of small business owners and professionals. Biz to Biz provides an opportunity for small business owners to jumpstart new business ventures, grow your existing customer base, increase sales, and build an inexhaustible resource center through relationship marketing.

Foley Area Chamber of Commerce
The Foley Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that has been promoting and supporting the Foley area businesses in Benton County, MN since 2004.

Benton County Economic Development
Benton County Economic Development’s mission is to provide premier economic development assistance to communities and businesses in Benton County in order to increase and enhance community resources and provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for residents.

Benton County Entrepreneur and Business Resources
Entrepreneurs are an essential part of Benton County’s business sector. It is a widely known fact that a large percent of business growth and job creation comes from small “homegrown” and start-up businesses. We realize the importance of having resources available on how to start a business in Benton County and we invite anyone, whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea or an entrepreneur who is looking to grow your business, to check out the many programs the County and partnering agencies have to offer your business.