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Date Posted: July 15, 2016
Expiry Date: September 30, 2016
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Years of Experience: 5
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The Customer Service Department is responsible for providing a level of customer service that goes beyond each and every customer’s expectations.  The Department is responsible for handling all inquiries, by phone or in person, with knowledgeable and friendly service, maintaining good customer relations, cross selling, and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services. The associates work cooperatively with other bank departments and process daily transactions and activities relating to and/or generated as a result of direct or indirect customer contact.  All transactions are processed with optimum efficiency, timeliness and accuracy.

The Customer Service/Teller Supervisor will work cooperatively with the VP/Branch Manager to assure a smooth and efficient work flow in Teller and Customer Service operations. This position will assist in the development and implementation of daily processes and make recommendations for process improvements.  They must have exceptional client service skills and consistently maintain a positive attitude.  This person must be a team player who is supportive of the Mission, Vision, and Values of Falcon National Bank.  They must provide outstanding client service to proactively sell the bank’s products to clients and potential clients and work as part of the team to ensure individual and bank goals are met.  The Customer Service/Teller Supervisor must maintain a favorable image of the bank by conducting themselves in a professional, courteous manner at all times.   The Customer Service/Teller Supervisor is required to be fully knowledgeable and skilled in the area of new accounts, teller vault, safe deposit boxes, operations, and is expected to provide leadership, through training and support daily to others under their supervision, including performance reviews.  Daily tasks consist of general banking transactions including, but not limited to: opening and closing accounts; answering and responding to customer calls and email correspondence; overseeing and participating in the processing of incoming mail deposits & night drop, contributions and distributions; application review; quality check; scanning and filing.  Other responsibilities include: teller transactions, safe deposit box, and other projects as assigned.  The Customer Service/Teller Supervisor is also responsible for providing initial & ongoing training, daily balancing of the vault, teller reconciliation, scheduling, and overseeing the ATM.


  1. Open all types of new accounts including Health Savings, Safe Deposit, Savings, Checking, Money Market, IRA and Certificates of Deposit.  Prepare follow up letters and thank you cards for new accounts.  Assist customers with account problems, such as reconcilement or research.
  2. Open and operate a teller window.  Assist with customer transactions, customer questions and problems.  Participate in Saturday rotation.
  3. Understand the bank mission, organizational structure, employee handbook, bank security, policies and procedures and standards of conduct.
  4. Maintain a working understanding of all products and services sold by the Bank.
  5. Understand competitor bank products/services to increase number of products used.
  6. Provide leadership by example and through coaching; paying particular attention to performance.  Provide positive reinforcement, corrective action, training and support necessary for employees to succeed.
  7. Ensure development and achievement of individual performance goals, staff goals and bank team goals as a whole.
  8. Assist in employee development and retention through supporting ongoing training of employees in technical skills, sales skills, service standards, products and services, operations, and compliance issues.
  9. Work cooperatively with others to ensure effective working relationships between departments and branches.
  10. Market and sell all banks’ deposit products and make referrals to other appropriate departments.
  11. Retain bank clients and increase the level of products used by the clients.
  12. Solicit new business by making outside calls and/or accompanying other employees on outside calls to prospects and present clients.
  13. Make outside calls to develop Employer Relationship Banking and small business deposit relationships.
  14. Ensure client’s needs are met and that employees perform in an effective manner.
  15. Ensure compliance with regulations, bank policies, safety and security procedures.
  16. Perform and/or oversee Vault Teller responsibilities: Orders and sells currency/cash to the Federal Reserve to meet bank demands and branch limitations. Balances vault cash daily.
  17. Oversee processing of all night deposits and mail deposits and assist as necessary.
  18. Audit the gift check supply.  Ensure proper volumes are on hand.
  19. Monitor cash levels to ensure compliance with established limits.
  20. Ensure filing is done on a regular basis.
  21. Ensure document imaging is completed timely.
  22. Oversee processing of all check orders and assist as necessary.
  23. Performs or oversees the balancing and management of the ATM machine.
  24. Ensures proper balancing of teller/vault and ATM totals to the General Ledger.
  25. Provide prompt, friendly and courteous service to all clients and team members.
  26. Create the Teller/Customer Service schedule to ensure adequate staffing levels met.
  27. Participate in outside service organizations to promote the community and enhance the bank’s image.
  1. Supervises St. Cloud customer service staff, performs employee performance appraisals, and disciplinary actions.
  2. Interviews candidates for employment
  1. Provide coverage for FNB locations as assigned.
  2. Other duties as assigned.

Educational requirements:

  • 2+ years of experience in finance, business or related field
  • Secondary schooling is a plus

Experience requirements:

  • Previous supervisory experience is a plus
  • 5 years’ previous bank experience

Desired Skills:

  1. Ability to keyboard and enter numerical data with speed and accuracy.
  2. Proficient with Microsoft products and bank software products.
  3. Good mathematical aptitude.
  4. Good communication/listening skills.
  5. Ability to work independently and within a team environment.
  6. Flexible, self-motivated.
  7. Ability to plan and organize workload, set priorities and pay close attention to detail under time constraints.
  8. Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks efficiently.
  9. Well-developed problem solving abilities.
  10. Exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills.
  11. Outstanding customer service skills in dealing with bank clients.
  12. Supervisory, coaching and leadership skills; the ability to act fairly and decisively, while keeping the banks’ best interests in mind.